Who said that? Yoda or Buddha?

Both are known for their sense of enlightenment and revered.  One is the head of one of the worlds oldest religions; the other continues the fight against “the dark side” Of course, one is fictional and therefore it should be easy to determine whether the quotes are by Buddha or Yoda?! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2PkWRQMs5WPctJb92vRBNjN/yoda-vs-buddha-quiz?intc_type=promo&intc_location=sport&intc_campaign=yoda&intc_linkname=radio4_fac_quiz  

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Be careful what you cut

Mr T was told by his employer to take down a suspended refrigerator unit from a building that was being renovated. The unit was held by two cables, and Mr T was told that both were intact and had not been touched. Unfortunately that wasn’t actually correct, and one of the cables had already been(…)

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We are here to look after our clients

Suzy says ” A lovely but sad meeting with a client at their Nursing home Suzy recently met with a lovely lady who’s family wanted her to put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place. Suzy said ‘ the client was such a lovely person who showed me various photographs of all her family who(…)

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