Why Should I Make A Will

Why should I make a Will?

Primarily, a Will ensures your estate passes to who you want.    Prepare a Will might not be as time-consuming or as daunting as you might initially expect. A Will makes it much easier for your family and friends to deal with your estate when you pass away. It can be less stressful for them and avoid your estate passing in   accordance with rules defined by law, which might not be what you intended. At Brearleys Solicitors our Wills are prepared on a fixed fee basis.

Making a Will is important for your family

Making a Will is important if you have young children. Within your Will you can appoint guardians and decide on the age you wish your children to        inherit. Additionally, if you have a complex family, for example; remarriage, divorce, separation, stepchildren or loss of contact with immediately family, a Will may be crucial for you to ensure your estate passes the way you want.

Laura and Rebekah are both Solicitors who both specialise in Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. They can be contacted at our Birstall office on 01924 443900 or our Batley office on 01924 473065.